It’s Party Time!… Christmas Party.

We were both invited to a Christmas party at a friends house. Their house is huge 2 storey and a huge basement with a bar and dance floor with separate rooms all in the Basement underground area. It was filled with couples and singles of all ages. Funny enough actually, two of our friends were there and into swinging parties and assumed some of the other couples were into it as well! We had a couples drinks and met some of the other guests . We all had Christmas party outfits for the occasion. I was dressed in a Santa’s costume and my wife Wendy was dressed as  in a black silk long top that went to the floor with buttons all the way up the front . Underneath that top she had on black corset with a garter belt with hooks to hold up the black nylons and high heels, very sexy!

She also had shaved her pussy clean that was covered slightly with a g string. The alcohol was flowing peoples started dancing. I’m not a dancer so my wife and I sat and watched for a while . One of the single guys asked her dance, he  was dressed in all black. It was a slow dance when she got up dancing and I went over to them and then I told him let me help you unbutton her top and then I helped her take it off, and when he saw her in her garter belt with a sexy g string, he said I would like to do more than dance. I said as long I can watch you don’t have to dance!

We went past the dance floor into one of the rooms that had a king size bed with low lighting. I went and sat in the corner to watch. They were kissing as he felt her nice firm ass and moved down kissing her nice firm tits. She sat down on the bed and took off her g string bottom which showed her shaved pussy. She told him I did that for you. He said very nice, can I kiss it, she said she would love that. She spread her legs open . He kissed her pussy and began to stick his tongue in as far as he could and was going at it as she moaned and moaned . He took his clothes off and He was at least 6’3 and had a huge cock much larger than mine and looked hard.

She was moaning like crazy, fuck me gently, fuck now! He knelt between her legs and lifted one leg strait up, and I could see her shaved pussy perfectly, this also got me ultra horny! She said go slow that thing is huge. She’s 5’3 and petite and I know this is the largest cock she’s ever had. He entered her very slow and she was moaning louder and louder, with her pussy shaved I could see his cock going In and out of her. I was surprised she could take him in her so far, as  he had at least 9 10 inch cock I reckon! As he pumped in and out of her she got louder and louder, and I’m sure the other rooms could hear everything. He pulled of her and had her get on her knees so he could enter her from behind which I know is her favorite position. He could go in very deep that way, and touch spots inside her that have never been touched! After a pumping inside her fo a bit, she moaned I’m coming I’m coming don’t stop, push harder,harder! They fell on the bed sexually satisfied for at least 20 minutes and loving every bit of the hot love making session. He wanted her again and it was so good she wanted more as well but this time she wanted on top. He turned over on his back and his cock popped up straight-n-hard as. She got on top of him and lowed her pussy down onto his cock and took all of it inside her and was grinding her pussy and pumping like crazy, like she was dancing with his cock! They both came again and when we finally left the room and went back into the main part of the basement all the people there where still dancing and having loads of fun. A couple of people said to us it sounded like you guys had a good time!… and we all just smiled. We are really, really, looking forward the next party!

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